Quote of the Day

“Two year olds don’t produce sperm.”

(Don’t ask me how this subject came up in Algebra 2 )


Quote of the Day

Student 1: (derisively) You know he only likes white girls, right?
Student 2: (as if talking to a child) I guess that’s OK since I’m a white girl…

Is it a conversation if she all she did was shake her head?

You were absent, right?

Did you choose to miss school?

You weren’t ill or taking care of an sick person?

You chose to get dropped off at school, but then walk to your friend’s house and ‘hang out’ all day?

And you want to me to reteach the material you missed so that you can do your assignments without any late penalty?!

Ratted Out

Student: Miss, I saw one of your students yesterday.

Me: You’ll have to be more specific.

Student: The one that got in a fight the other day.

Me: Ok…?

Student: He was on my street at like 1 o’clock.

Me: Hmmm.

Student: Shouldn’t he be in class?

Me: (raised eyebrow)

Student: Touché, Miss. Touché.