Chivalry is not dead

A student and I walked to the chicken place together for lunch. I got to the door first and opened it for him. He said, “Oh no! I’m supposed to do that for you!”

When we got our food, he insisted on carrying it all because, “My mama didn’t raise me to let a woman carry shit, not when I’m around to do it.”

My friends, chivalry is not dead. Chivalry is 14 years old.



Senior: Where’s your husband, Miss?
Me: I’m not married.
Senior: What?! Why?!
Me: Because I’m a grown woman and know how to take care of myself.
Senior (approving smile): Wow, it’s a been awhile since I’ve heard a woman say that, let me shake your hand.

Color Blind

Student 1: What’s your favorite color, Miss?
Me: Well, let’s think about it–
Student 2: Dude, her hair is red, her phone is red…
Student 3: Her water bottle is red, her crates are red, her folders are red…
Student 4: Her toenails are red…
Student 5: Her sweater is red…
(pause for thought)
Student 1: (sincerely) So, I think maybe it’s purple?
Rest of class: Really?!

But… it DOES pay more…

At the end of Winter Break, I resigned from the public school I’d worked at for 5.5 years (more on this later, perhaps) to accept another teaching position at a small private alternative school.

My first day at the new school was great! But the best part was this text I received from a former colleague:

“…One of my advocates asked me if you had left [old school] to become a stripper…

(They thought it was a good choice because it pays more than being a teacher)”