When my class met Buddy Holly…

*Listening to “Chantilly Lace”*

Student: Is this Elvis?
Me: No, this is the Big Bopper.
Student: Hmm, he sounds like Elvis!
Me (nodding): Did you know that he died in the same plane crash as Buddy Holly?
Student: Who’s Buddy Holly?
Me: What?! Google him!
Student (uses Google): Oh, he’s quite handsome!
Me (laughing): Yeah, I guess he did put the sexy in nerdy glasses!


Bye Felicia

When called on to read out loud, a student pronounced “Felicia” as “fellatio” and I was the only one who noticed. 🤦‍♀️🤣

TEDTalk Fridays!

Last semester, I started “TEDTalk Fridays.” We watch a TEDTalk as a class and then fill out a reflection worksheet afterwards.

It’s been a huge hit and probably one of my most popular assignment (after my bonus questions). Here are some of their hilarious responses.

We Never Stop Being Teachers

We never stop being your teachers, either.

We’re always helping our graduates/former students with applications, reference letters, editing resumes and cover letters, helping them network, babysitting, going to baby showers, weddings, hospitals, funerals, taking kids/families to doctor’s appointments, helping families navigate legal, medical, and government paperwork, visiting them in jail, writing to them while they’re incarcerated or overseas…

I could go on…

The Joys of Teaching Middle School

Me this morning:

“I want to talk to you about something. What I have to say will make you want to laugh, but you will not laugh. You will listen to what I have to say; you are not to respond at all except to maybe say ‘yes ma’am.’

(slight pause as they nod to acknowledge me)

“It is ridiculous and disgusting that many of you think it’s OK to fart all over each other. You can control it, this is not a form of entertainment. If you have to pass gas, you will do it in the bathroom or in the hallway. You will not pass gas in this room or in the doorway.

“If you fart in my classroom, I will take a point. If I cannot figure out who farted, then everyone in that area of the room will lose a point.”

Only one student protested, but since he’s not a chronic farter, I told him he had nothing to worry about.