R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me

<students talking over me>

Me: Please stop talking.

<students continue to talk over me>

Me: You’re being disrespectful!

<students keep talking over me>

Me: Helllloooooooooo!?

<students start to end their conversation>

Me (oozing with sarcasm): Thank you for talking over me. I feel so respected right now.

Student A (very confused, but sincere): You’re welcome.

<a few start to laugh, but stop at my glare>

Student B (nicely, to Student A): She was being sarcastic.


Parent Teacher Conference

Student: I didn’t die today!

Me: No, we had a small scare with the heart attack after he found out he’d have to read two whole paragraphs, but then he decided to pull through.

Student’s mom: He’s been making a lot of difficult decisions lately.

Nailed It!

Student: I’m grown, I don’t need you to keep my phone for me. I can get all this work done while listening to music.

Also Student (still sitting at his desk 10 minutes after class is over because he didn’t notice everyone had left after trying to talk to him, but he had his headphones in): Can I get an extra day to complete this?